Genetic Programming Theory & Practice XIV

Important Dates

  • June 15, 2016: Revised versions of papers, suitable for copy-editing. See “Manuscript Preparation” below for requirements.
  • August 15, 2016: Final reviews of copy-edited versions will be done.
  • September 1, 2016: Book submitted to publisher.


There are three invited keynote lectures, one at the beginning of each of the three days of the workshop. In general these will be an hour, plus time for questions and discussion.

Presentations by workshop attendees will be about 40 minutes each, plus time for discussion.

Some time has been set aside for group discussions, retrospectives, detailed followups on speakers’ topics, planning for the current and future proceedings volumes, and so forth. We will also try to leave an hour for two or three short “lightning” presentations, possibly at the end of one of the sessions, for the communication of new ideas sparked by the workshop itself.

Tentative schedule

Each day begins at 8:30am, typically with a light breakfast and coffee provided by the University. After brief words from the Organizers and our hosts in CSCS, the first speaker will be one of the Keynote addresses, followed by two presentations in the morning session and two in the afternoon.

The detailed schedule will be published as soon as feasible. If you are a Presenter, having even a tentative title will help us schedule, so please let us know.

Detailed schedule and titles

Thursday 19 May

  • 8:30a Coffee, juice, pastries, fruit
  • 9:00a Opening Remarks & Welcome
  • 9:30a Keynote: Joanna Masel

    “Evolution of molecular error rates, and the consequences for robustness, evolvability, and the de novo emergence of new protein-coding genes from junk DNA”

  • 10:30a Break
  • 10:45a Michael Affenzeller

    “Population Dynamics in Symbolic Regression Using Standard GP, GP with Offspring Selection, and ALPS”

  • 11:30a Armand R. Burks

    “An Investigation of Hybrid Structural and Behavioral Diversity Methods in Genetic Programming”

  • 12:15p Discussion
  • 12:30p Lunch In Room
  • 1:30p Erik Hemberg

    “Investigating Multi population Competitive Coevolution for Anticipating of Tax Evasion”

  • 2:15p Moshe Sipper

    “Evolving Artificial General Intelligence for Video Controllers”

  • 3:00p Discussion and Break
  • 3:30p Nic McPhee

    “A Detailed Analysis of a PushGP Run”

  • 4:30p Lee Spector and colleagues

    “Linear Genomes for Structured Programs (Plush)

  • 5:15p Discussion
  • 5:30p End of Session

Friday 20 May

  • 8:30a Coffee, juice, pastries, fruit
  • 9:00a Opening Remarks & Welcome
  • 9:30a Keynote: Stephanie Forrest

    “Software: Evolution, Robustness, and Diversity (also, the Mutation Cliff)”

  • 10:30a Break
  • 10:45a Wolfgang Banzhaf

    “Neutrality, Robustness, and Evolvability in Genetic Programming”

  • 11:30a Emigdio Z-Flores

    “Numerical local search in genetic programming”

  • 12:15p Discussion
  • 12:30p Lunch in Room
  • 1:30p Michael Korns

    “An Evolutionary Algorithm for Big Data Multi-class Classification Problem”

  • 2:15p Babak Hodjat

    “PRETSL: Distributed Probabilistic Rule Evolution for Time-Series Classification”

  • 3:00p Discussion and Break
  • 3:30p Krzysztof Krawiec

    “Discovering Relational Structure in Program Synthesis Problems with Analogical Reasoning”

  • 4:30p Gisele Pappa

    “Strategies for dispersing individuals in the semantic space”

  • 5:15p Discussion and Group Photo
  • 5:30p End Of Session

Saturday 21 May

  • 8:30a Coffee, juice, pastries, fruit
  • 9:00a Opening Remarks & Welcome
  • 9:30a Keynote: Cosma Shalizi

    “Bayesian Learning, Evolutionary Search, and Information Theory”

  • 10:30a Break
  • 10:45a Steven Gustafson

    “Assisting Asset Model Development with Evolutionary Augmentation”

  • 11:30a Randy Olson & Jason Moore

    “Identifying and Harnessing the Building Blocks of Machine Learning Pipelines for Sensible Initialization of a Data Science Automation Tool”

  • 12:15p Discussion, Wrap-up
  • 12:30p Lunch In Room
  • 1:30p End

Proceedings Volume


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